Cambridge Clarity Counselling


Cambridgeshire based female counsellor specialising in addictions, trauma, anxiety, family and relationships. With over a decade of professional experience in helping people overcome many destructive behavioural patterns.

I work with compassion and integrity, and by building client relationships based on mutual respect I believe great healing can take place. 

Treatment can take a number of different forms, I work alongside each person in order to create a therapy that's tailored to meet their own specific needs. I work in a integrative way which includes Motivational Interviewing techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness. I also incorporate family systems work into my practice. I am fully committed to my own personal and professional development as I believe this is key to being a competent practitioner.  

I am only too aware of the fear involved in asking for help and am here to help facilitate your journey into recovery. In my experience the journey out of active addiction can not be achieved alone, I am here to help you find a program that suits you.


Addiction is a condition that often creates shame and embarrassment for ourselves and our families. Even though in recent years it has become more accepted as a health problem rather than a moral issue there is still a stigma attached to addiction.

Through exploring your issues in therapy, unravelling our past and then creating new coping strategies a new way of life can be created.  

I have personal experience of recovering from multiple addictions and have been in recovery for many years. 

My experience has shown that people need long term support in their recovery as often once the primary addiction has been abstained from other issues tend to arise. I am hear to help and have a wealth of experience along with have been trained by the very best of practitioners.   

I truly believe that any addict who wants recovery can indeed achieve freedom from addiction with the right help.