Cambridge Clarity Counselling


Cambridgeshire based female counsellor specialising in trauma, anxiety, family and relationships. With over a decade of professional experience in helping people overcome many destructive behavioural patterns.

I work with compassion and integrity, and by building client relationships based on mutual respect I believe great healing can take place.

Treatment can take a number of different forms, I work alongside each person in order to create a therapy that's tailored to meet their own specific needs. I work in a integrative way which includes Motivational Interviewing techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness. I also incorporate family systems work into my practice. I am fully committed to my own personal and professional development as I believe this is key to being a competent practitioner.

I am only too aware of the fear involved in asking for help and am here to help facilitate your journey into recovery. In my experience the journey out of active addiction can not be achieved alone, I am here to help you find a program that suits you.


One of the integral parts of this work is that everyone has the right to belong. I hope that in honour of this , everyone, however they feel about themselves or the difficulties in their lives, will know that every part of them is deeply welcome in the space I provide.  I work on a one to one basis and also run workshops regularly in Cambridge .


- Feeling Blocked

- Struggling with repeating patterns

- Relationship issues

- Deeply felt pain

- Problems within the work place

Systemic Family Constellations

This alternative approach was developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the mid-1990s. Family constellations therapy evolved out of his work as a family therapist and his belief in the energy, both positive and negative, found in familial bonds. Nearly 50 years of studying and treating families led to his observation of patterns of mental health concerns, illness, negative emotions, and potentially destructive behaviors within families, and he suggested individuals might unconsciously "adopt" these concerns as a way of helping other members to cope. Proponents of family constellations believe the method to be less restrictive than other methods of therapy and support its capacity to allow people to see different perspectives and alternate solutions. 
This approach draws from a number of other modalities, including Gestalt, psychoanalysis, family sculpting, systemic family therapy, and Zulu beliefs.

I have trained for two years with Gaye Donaldson, Chris Williams, Judith Hemming and other renowned teachers of this work. My training took place at and to date was the best training I have ever done both personally and professionally. 

I attend regular workshops in order to stay embedded in this work.