Cambridge Clarity Counselling


Cambridgeshire based female counsellor specialising in trauma, anxiety, family and relationships. With over a decade of professional experience in helping people overcome many destructive behavioural patterns.

I work with compassion and integrity, and by building client relationships based on mutual respect I believe great healing can take place.

Treatment can take a number of different forms, I work alongside each person in order to create a therapy that's tailored to meet their own specific needs. I work in a integrative way which includes Motivational Interviewing techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness. I also incorporate family systems work into my practice. I am fully committed to my own personal and professional development as I believe this is key to being a competent practitioner.

I am only too aware of the fear involved in asking for help and am here to help facilitate your journey into recovery. In my experience the journey out of active addiction can not be achieved alone, I am here to help you find a program that suits you.


"I have known Sharon Daniel for 9 years. Of everyone I have known, Sharon is the most suited to being a counsellor. It was what she always wanted to do and she has got the best training available and uses it. She is dedicated, committed, boundaried and totally professional.She is also kind, warm and funny. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon to someone in need of help in the Cambridge area and beyond."

- Mary

"I have received personal therapy from Sharon Daniel and due to her extensive knowledge in many areas her counselling services have been paramount to my whole emotional well-being. Sharon's passion, dedication and commitment to her clients is overwhelming and has had a beneficial impact in not only my life but my families life to. If you require a dedicated, qualified, supportive, compassionate therapist then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sharon Daniels services! Thank you Sharon!"

- Rebekah

I just wanted to say thank you, Sharon, for such a inspiring workshop yesterday. It really was a wonderful and moving experience - I finally have hope that the ...trauma that has been crippling my life can be shifted. You are a truly gifted therapist - not only did you fully embody the knowledge that you were imparting
(you really know your stuff!) but you had the skill, compassion and all round 'groundedness' to hold the space for everyone, making it a really safe space in which wounded people could get real. Thank you again for such a special and healing day. With love xxx Janet


"I attended Sharon's workshop on Family Systems and Gaining Awareness of Repeating Unhelpful Patterns.
I attended with my daughter as unhealthy family patterns is a subject very close to my heart.
The day was a complete success; full of warmth, compassion, healing and invaluable insights.
Sharon is a gifted and empathic being. Her light and strength created and maintained a safe and nurturing environment, a place where bruised and damaged spirits could come together in a triumph of love and mutual respect". - Polly


"Just want to say how much I appreciated Saturday's workshop: "Gain awareness of unhelpful patterns and heal family dynamics". I found the ideas covered fascinating and was able to apply them to understand my own family background better. The exercises were challenging at times but, thanks to Sharon's expertise and the supportive atmosphere, the overall experience was very moving. The workshop didn't shy away from acknowledging the trauma passed down in many families yet this was done with compassion, the focus being on healing. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future!"- Jane


I have been receiving personal therapy , from Sharon, due to my much loved son, who passed away, I needed a therapist , who has extensive knowledge in many areas, who is compassionate, highly qualified , emphatic, kind and warm and who has lots of experience dealing with trauma. Since having therapy by Sharon, my emotional well- being is so much better, I can feel myself healing, due to Sharon's expertise

I would highly recommend Sharon. - Kay